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Women's Circles


Gathering women in a safe + sacred space I create to raise our vibration and find that state of peace, love, clarity, forgiveness and compassion. Together, we balance energy of the chakras, we empower each other and enter into spirituality. Together we create Magic.


During the circle, we allow ourselves to be fully and completely who we are. We free our mind, feel our body, connect with our soul. We embody our feminine nature rather than deny it. While we focus on the breath, on gratitude, on setting intentions, we get into a space beyond the mind. A space where we can let down our masks, our fears, our struggles and receive deep Love. We experience the truth of Oneness.


The higher intention of Women’s Circles is to help women to fully embrace their divine feminine essence. In the Circles I create, women allow themselves to be completely free, to let go of any tension and no negative energy can enter the circle. The energy we create as a whole makes us raise ourselves to a state of awareness and Oneness with the Universe, Spirit, Divine and the Goddess inside of us.

Upcoming Events

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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