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MOVEMENT. All started from there; from moving. As a former ballet dancer, Luna was often confronted with perfection, which led her to this endless circle of never being enough… until Yoga came into my life. And here, she's not talking about the physical practice, but the emotional, mental, spiritual, ethical practice. I thought Yoga came as the missing piece of the puzzle of my life, but truly it came as the unexpected healer, changing my entire perspective on everything.


Born in Paris and raised around the world, Luna facilitates unique practices based on her experiences as a former ballet dancer and from her search for wholeness and truth. Embodiment is her love language. Sensing, feeling, creating, expanding, yielding in order to open up and create space within is what you can expect to experience in her classes. Within her own practice, she learned to connect within, journeying through honesty, rawness, shadows and light.


She was first introduced to the wisdom of mindfulness by her mother, who fought two cancers. Craving knowledge and searching for a deeper way to understand the body's wounds, she decided to go deep into bodywork and yoga studies after undergoing trauma as a way to explore herself beyond the physical layer. With 1000 hours of trainings under her belt (from Vinyasa to Embodied Yin, trauma healing therapy, Chinese medicine, Buddhism, Tantra, Somatics trainings and studies), she created Body Poetry: a conceptual blend of embodied yoga, somatics, tāo tantra arts and ancient medicine. An honest, authentic, raw mixture of practices she’s cultivated over the years.

about luna

Luna leads workshops, retreats, trainings and classes around the globe and has mainly taught in Europe. Passionate about the sacred feminine and astrology, she has been holding women’s circles for 7 years - focusing on empowerment and self-expression.


Borrowing the words of one of her students: « I recommend getting to know her ways, she has a very strong light and an amazing commitment to her work. »


Through sensuality, creative movement, self-knowledge, strength and grace, she believes in expressing hidden emotions through the body.


Expect a self-knowledge journey, a new way of creating space (a.k.a flexibility) and melting (a.k.a surrendering) on and off the mat.

Through movement, she expresses her inner bruises and hidden emotions. As weird as this sounds, she likes to say she guides through feelings. In fact, she doesn’t call herself a « teacher ». She facilitates and holds space. She guides emotions in motion, body poetry.

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