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luna joséphine

yoga & movement teacher, moon ritualist


who, what


Luna has a particular connection to the Moon. Not only because of her name, but because she has always been very sensitive to the energies that surround her. During her childhood and teen years, she was often connecting with spirits and developed psychic abilities throughout the years.


The Moon Space was created when she understood that her mission was to set a sacred space where women could gather, feeling safe and free. 


She also design rituals using a personal approach based on energy, the lunar cycle and spirituality. In Circles and Rituals, Luna always works on the power of the divine feminine.

Teaching Yoga also allows her to share knowledge about chakras, Patanjali's sutras and the yogic way of living.

the story


After an intense decade of stressful events, jobs, disorders and breakdowns, she found herself transitioning, transforming and awakening. After years of lack of self-love, she understood that healing came from within.

She realised that the only safe place for her was when she was connecting to her Self in order to find peace and serenity. Her Moon rituals started to get more and more fulfilled, her psychic abilities got enhanced and her connection to the Moon was particularly strong. She understood the power of manifesting, of intentions setting and the divine feminine energy.


She quit her job and decided to devote herself to Yoga. While becoming a teacher, The Moon Space was born.


Luna puts other women on the path to healing, her strongest desire is to bring joy and peace to others. Her dharma is helping women to sense inner freedom and eventually, to reach the beautiful state of Oneness. Through Magick, Mindfulness, Movements, she shares what her own experience taught her, she wishes to connect with others. She guides others through healing as she  would have liked to be guided. She teaches in a way she would have liked to learn.

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share experiences, stories, thoughts and ideas. Come and see how you feel.


RYT 200 hours Yoga Alliance - Vinyasa Yoga

with Moena de Jong and Beatrice Savaris

Currently: RYT 50 hours Yoga Alliance - Embodied Yin™ Yoga with Satu Tuomela

You are loved.

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