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April 14th - 20th, 2024

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

for teachers & practitioners

This training is designed for you to learn, and eventually teach the art of melting, yielding, being NOW and emBODYing through movement and the magic of traditional chinese medecine as well as the tantric philosophy & active breath somatic practice + bodywork.

Yin Poetry is a blend of traditional chinese medecine wonders, tantric practices, somatic journey through the breath & movement, embodying the physical support and bringing a rich dialogue into understanding and sense of self.

the program


𓆙 Day 1 - Being, Now: Landing

𓆙 Day 2 - Movement: Water

𓆙 Day 3 -  Acceptance: Earth 

𓆙 Day 4 - Openness: Fire

𓆙 Day 5- Adaptability: Wood

𓆙 Day  6 - Shape: Metal

𓆙 Day 7 - Embodied & Authentic Space Holding

Indicative day-to-day schedule (that may slightly change):

7:00- Morning hydration

7:30 - Meditation & Mantra

8:00 - Yang / Yin Practice

10:30 - Brunch


2pm - Theory (Module of the day)

3pm - Workshop / Asana Lab


5pm - Personal practice with assist or teaching sessions

6pm - Diner

Post diner: Yoga Nidra, Satsang or Temazcal Ceremony (Traditional Mayan Ceremony in the Tuj, the sauna)

+ What you can expect: Cacao Ceremony & Embodied Dance

will be explored:

𓆙 History of Yin Yoga & Taoism

𓆙  Yin/Yang Theory

𓆙 Philosophy of the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medecine

𓆙 Meridiens overview

𓆙 Principles of Yin Poetry™

𓆙 Theory of non-duality  (Tantra)

𓆙 Practices & somatic therapy

𓆙 Yin Embodiment: the feminine energy

𓆙 Cueing

𓆙 Asana Lab

𓆙 Sequencing

𓆙 Power of touch: the art of adjustments

𓆙 Authentic space holding

𓆙 Giving and receiving

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During your free time, treat yourself to unique moments; cacao & coffee tours, hikes, nature bathing, massages & traditional mayan temazcal (sauna)... 


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your teacher


Through my teachings, I guide you into a deep connection between the intelligence of the body and the wisdom of the spirit, a (re)discovery of authenticity. I teach embodied practices, meaning how to embody what is rising: the emotion, the element, the present, the truth.

The way I hold space is about allowing you to create space within the body and to find freedom.

My background as a dancer allows me to share the grace and ease of movement, while my life's experiences have offered me the tools to learn a new way of healing. A return to the self. I guide emotions in motion.

Body Poetry

Why have I created "Body Poetry" ?


What we've experienced so far, experience now and will experience in this lifetime happens in the body.

Embodied movement allows us to discover new parts of ourselves, to unravel parts of the past, the vividness of the present and the possibilities of the future while deepening our relationship to ourselves, others, communities and the world.

Embodied Movement practices use movement, dance and the creative arts to discover or rediscover, remember and reawaken what it is to be fully human – physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually. They each have their own unique and beautiful structures for dropping into movement as a practice.

Body Poetry is a blend of embodied yoga flows, somatic practices, conscious living & tantric philosophy.


the sacred space



The Sacred Garden Atitlan is a family owned peaceful retreat center up on the hill on the path from Jaibalito to Tzununá, in the magical nature of Guatemala. Experience the  yogic lifestyle surrounded by Pachamama while enjoying the most breath giving views of Lake Atitlan and nourishing vegetarian meals.

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Luxury Lake Front Room:

shared: 1960$ / private: 2699$


Private Twin Room (shared):


Magical Star Gazing Gypsy Caravan (double bed):

private: 2090$ / shared  (2 ppl in double bed): 1655$ pp

Wooden Cabin (2 double beds):

private double bed: 2090$ / shared bed: 1620$ pp

Glamping Bell Tent: 1555$


A deposit of 350$ or 350€ is required to secure your spot.​

Then, the remaining amount can be paid in installments.

Prices are in US dollars*

Locals & Lake Community Pricing: -30%


Once the deposit has been transferred, you are free to choose

to pay the rest of the amount all at once or in 2 installments.

The deposit is non-refundable, unless the event is cancelled by Luna. The rest of the amount must be paid in full before March 31st, 2024.


☾ 6-night stay in an authentic venue

with full use of the accommodation

☾ Daily morning smoothies/juices, brunch & dinner

☾ Yoga practices, training, course manual & material

☾ Mats, blocks & cushions provided

☾ Mentoring

☾ Curated gift bag

☾ Cacao Ceremony


☾ Transportation to Guatemala

☾ Transfer from the airport to the house: can be arranged with us

☾ Travel Insurance

☾ Any activities & excursions that are not part of the training

The room details will be emailed to you once you confirm your spot.

A quick call may be planned for any inquiry you have.

For any specific questions, please email:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button




Your booking will be confirmed via an email sent y Luna after verification of the payment of the deposit.

Cancellation & Refunds

For cancellations, fees will be charged on the following basis:

- More than 60 days before arrival: free cancellation, excluding deposit

- Between 59 days and 15 days before arrival: 50% of the total amount of the reservation

- Less than 15 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount of the reservation

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