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Body Poetry
Europe Workshops

June 2024




A moment of self-exploration, expressive movement, somatic dance, prompts, and embodied sensuality to listen to the body's whispers and learn to befriend our vessel in tenderness. Through a deep understanding of your senses, story, wounds, lineage, (re)discover the possibilities of your body of Now, your creativity, your pleasure and truths.


More than just a workshop, it is a moment of celebration of your own story through your body. Receive, honour, comprehend, remember. Allow yourself to dive into a love of self expedition.


Expect a sensory experience that weaves somatic healing with dance and sensuality as well as prompts. We may treat trauma through sensuality, creating space within, spinal moving, exploring the question of boundaries and truths. We will awaken senses to liberate blockages connected to our story and sexuality. In intuitive expression, we will experiment with different ways of connecting with the knowing of the pelvic roots, the core, bones, and heart. We will then flesh out this body-knowing by allowing words to emerge through the arm and onto a paper.


This Body Poetry will allow you:

- to (re)connect to your body in a gentle way - to move with grace and fluidity (physically and in life)

- to express what has been hidden or suppressed

- to explore the sensitivity of your senses

- to know your own boundaries

- to use your sensuality as a tool for ease, creativity, honest presence, and pleasure

LONDON - June 16th > 1:30-4:30pm in collaboration with Waking Dreams - London

AMSTERDAM - June 22nd > 3-5pm at Wladimir Dance Studio, Jordaan - Amsterdam


I am honored to celebrate a Solstice and Full Moon in Capricorn through the essence of the Rose. I've missed you, plums.


Between women, we will celebrate our body, our spirit, our female ancestors to connect us with the beauty of the Rose. Through precious sources of life and teachings, we rejuvenate in depth to open the chapter of the new Summer season. Subtle and alchemical ancestral medicine, the Cacao brought from the Mayan tribes of Guatemala (where I've recently lived for 6 months), and the Rose connect us to our feminine Matrix and our Heart, which allows us to enable the truth of Self-Love.

Expect a guided somatic meditation, kundalini awakening breathwork, mayan Cacao from Guatemala, prayers, manifestation and intentions, medicine of the Rose, and subtle embodied movement.

AMSTERDAM - June 21st > 8-10pm at Bluebirds, Amsterdam-West

Discounted Offer > €33 instead of €44 for the very last available spots

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