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1:1 Sessions

the spirit session

- private -

The 1:1 Spirit Session will help you connect back to your spirit, to your divine, your truth and wisdom.

I will help you receive the answers and divine messages needed to be considered in order for you to connect back to your Soul and move forward with your life.

What to expect:


Pranayama (use of different breath techniques)

Spiritual Cleansing

Deep Guided Meditation with Visualisations / Chakra Balancing Work

Sacred Movements + Breathwork (to let go & release connecting with the Spirits and the Divine) > mix of Shamanic & Kundalini practices

Card Readings

After the Session: You receive a Personalized designed e-guide to help you go on with your healing journey


88€ / 77€ for moonbers


* can be done online (please make sure to mention it when you book a session)


“Who is She? She is your power, your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Goddess. The Great Mystery. The web-weaver. The life force. The first time, the twentieth time you may not recognize her. Or pretend not to hear. As she fills your body with ripples of terror and delight.

But when she calls you will know you’ve been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer.”

― Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman

I create a safe and sacred space for you. Through breathwork, chakra balancing & spiritual cleansing, a deep guided meditation with visualisations and card readings, we will work together to  your next step is and I will give you the tools to heal.​

We will work together to release all that no longer serve you, to discover the right path, explore your inner truth and get the tools to heal yourself.


After the session, I send you a complete personalized guide on how to keep going on your healing journey (there are books, workshops recommendations, practices, chakra healing methods, and your detailed card reading).

To book in for a 1:1 session with me in person or over Skype please do so below.

If you can't find a time or date that works for you, please email me to check potential availability.



" I didn't really know what to expect when I booked the 1:1 Spirit Session. But when I arrived in her sacred space, all my worries disappeared and I felt safe. Luna has an incredible energy and loving heart. The session was very emotional for me but I was not scared. I released all I needed to let go of and Luna hold the space for me. I finally found my way to healing. Today, I am a new person since this session and I could never be more thankful. Thank you so much Luna! Warm hugs. "


" Luna opened a door and showed me the way. It is purely magical what happened to me during this session. Magic happened in my heart, my soul, my body. I transformed. I finally found myself after this session. Thank you to this amazing soul, Luna. "


" I remember going to one of Luna's Women's Circles, which I found powerful and her positive energy was very much contagious haha! So it made me want to book a private Spirit Session and I loved every bit of it. It's always scary to face your fears and negative emotions, but Luna managed to make me feel good and somehow very positive. I walked out empowered and stronger than ever! I highly recommend Luna's Spirit Sessions. "


"I haven't felt this cared for in a long time. Luna creates a beautiful space, inviting me to tap into depths I haven't gone into for a while. I feel a wild woman rising. Thank you."

the astrology card reading

- past, present, future -


The 1:1 Astro card reading will help you to know where you are at and what divine messages you should embrace.

The past will let you know what no longer serves you, the present allows you to embody a certain message, the future leads you to where you are heading to and what energy to focus on.

I always combine the astro reading with energy cards.

There is a total of 9 cards in this reading.

Allow the celestial skies to offer you guidance.


online or in person

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