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the Moonbership




Monthly Offerings:

☾ One complete ebook per month with New Moon + Full Moon Rituals, astro forecast, recipes, horoscopes, tarot reading, journaling prompts and lots of surprises

☾ Private Community @themoonbership

☾ Monthly Online Full Moon Ceremonies

☾ Direct messages & questions

☾ Spiritual Guidance

You can cancel the monthly membership at any time.

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why should I sign up?

Designed to give you a deep understanding of the moon cycles, the female archetypes and sacred feminine practices, the Moonbership guides you to connect with your intuition and your truth to find out who you are, what you want and how to flow through life more easily and intuitively. Develop your own rituals, your own sacred routine around the moon phases and female archetypes to include in your personal journey.


Each week offers different rituals, writing / reflection work and spiritual practices. Each month has specific themes to work on. This monthly membership is a support for you to establish a healthy & balanced routine as well as to become more aware of your feminine energy, your natural cycles and how to work with them.


The Moonbership is your journey into the magic of the Divine Feminine and clarity of cosmic powers. This monthly commitment will take you through stages of awakening.

who is it for?


Everyone seeking more guidance and wanting to know more about the moon cycles but also diving deeper into self-knowledge and feminine wisdom.

by who?


Kalta and Luna, two reunited old souls who met in a previous lifetime, both passionate about the sacredness of womanhood and the healing power of the moon energy. After experiencing long years of highs and lows in the process of healing, they both bring a different vision, yet complete each other. Katla, the Mama, points out the stuff you've never thought of before, sharing her knowledge about crystals, wisdom and spirituality. Luna, the modern enchantress, guides you to discover the hidden places within to release what no longer serves you, sharing her knowledge about astrology, women cycles and the power of the womb.

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