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embodied yin yoga + organic vinyasa yoga & free-form movement + somatic breathwork

Explore the in-between spaces. A space to ground in the body and reconnect with life. Unlabelled. Unexpected. Unrestricted.

Everyone is very different and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. With this approach, we journey within to feel what is good for us, what is not and especially to have more understanding on the stakes of the practice, through the physical map as well as the subtle, emotional and psychic awareness.

It’s about yielding to our deepest selves, through attentive listening. The peeling of layers that prevent us from accessing our essence, it's getting out of the created patterns and exploring the unknown! Freedom of the unknown.

We’ll be engaging in somatic movement and exploration.


This 2-hour workshop will cover :

 - (Re)defining Svadhyaya (Self-Knowledge): inhabit the body, understanding

of the emotional & physical patterns

- Learning to listen to the body as a guide for navigating through life

- The Fluid & Present Self: slow organic blend of yoga practices

through intuitive movement and a comprehension of the spinal map

- Somatic bodywork

- Genuine Connection: building trust & holding space 

INCLUDED MATERIAL: yoga mats, props & designed handbook

Who can attend ? Anyone wanting to deepen their self-knowledge, discover more about the yogic philosophy through a different point of view and understand how to use the body in a healing way. Also, anyone experiencing a difficult relationship with their body.

Date & Time.

Saturday 25th February, 2023



HAR Studio

Urbanstrasse 116

10967 Berlin



STUDENT (/LOW INCOME): 35€ - use the code STUDENT at checkout.


Cancellation policy: due to the important travel expenses and security deposits made for this type of event, a certain refund policy is applied:

- If a registrant withdraws from the workshop with more than fourteen days notice, a refund minus 25€ will be issued.

- If a registrant withdraws from the workshop with less than fourteen days notice or does not show up at the workshop, no refund will be issued.

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