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SPACE WITHIN - 10H Body Poetry Yoga Intensive


Embodied movement is body led movement. Explore the in-between spaces. Unlabelled. Unexpected. Unrestricted. Our bodies are our vessels through which we navigate our lives. Everyone is very different and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. With this approach, we journey within to feel what is good for us, what is not and especially to have more understanding of the personal practice applied on the mat and in our daily life, through the physical map as well as the subtle, emotional and psychic awareness. It’s about yielding to our deepest selves, through attentive listening. It's getting out of the created patterns to explore the unknown and find freedom within. ​This 10h intensive is an opportunity for you to expand physically as well as mentally. Learn how to cultivate what needs to flow and be moved from the inside, to embody, to be present, and to respond to what is rising. You will apply new emotional & anatomical understandings to deepen your flexibility, mobility and strength.




Single Payment
Space Within Training
€75.00/month + €3.00 Payment plan fee

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