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Lisbon, Portugal
January 13-15

expanding, expressing, rising

Unbinding is a form of non-attachment, which is a notion that is anchored, highly taught and fundamental in ancient wisdom. I associate it with expansion. Expansion allowing limitless expression, and thus, creation.

In a world in which we constantly have "to do" with so much restrictions, rules and self-limiting beliefs, I felt an eagerly desire to guide a creative approach to "taking a break"  and allow more boundlessness when it comes to self-expression, ironically marrying doing with being.

The intention of this retreat is to find freedom in self-expression. Unbound.

The idea came up as I have been going through a phase of transformation that required me to cultivate non-attachement, and thus, a higher form of expansion, unraveling new layers of 'me'.

Come tune off and into a slow but free frequency in a unique space between liquid movement, art therapy and heartfelt connections.

the land

Immersed in the evergreen landscape of Serra da Arrábida Natural Park (35 minutes away from Lisbon center), Villa Epicurea is a wellness heaven located by the ocean and blessed by magical sunsets.

We will even be able to experience their yoga shala bubble.

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© Villa Epicurea


body poetry yoga

Through her teachings, Luna guides you into a deep connection between the intelligence of the body and the wisdom of the spirit, a (re)discovery of authenticity. She teaches embodied practices, meaning how to embody what is rising: the emotion, the element, the present, truth.

Her background as a dancer allows her to share the grace and ease of movement, while her life's experiences have offered her the tools to learn and teach healing. It's ultimately a matter of balance . . . a return to the self.

Body Poetry allows us to discover new parts of ourselves, to unravel parts of the past, the vividness of the present and the possibilities of the future while deepening our relationship to ourselves, others, communities and the world.

Embodied Movement practices use movement, dance and the creative arts to discover or rediscover, remember and reawaken what it is to be fully human – physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually. They each have their own unique and beautiful structures for dropping into movement as a practice.

Body Poetry is blend of embodied yoga flows, somatic practices, conscious living & tantric philosophy.

expressive art

Art Therapy is a way to use art to express experiences and hidden feelings. In this immersion, we will focus on healing the relationship with the body and deeper parts of ourselves, using different types of support (clay, body, wood, canvas...).

An Impro Dance x Yoga class that I call "Pulsation" will also be explored -- a way to express the self, on & off the mat.



We will be nourished by the venue's chef. The meals are consciously cooked on a daily basis with organic and local farmers products. Freshly and lovingly prepared vegetarian food will be fueling our bellies with joy, the very essence of creativity. We welcome dietary requirements.

© Villa Epicurea





Friday, January 13th


- 3pm. Arrival & Welcome

- 4:30pm. Creative & Liquid Vinyasa to open the hips and awaken the spine + Yin Poetry Flow

- 6pm. Opening Ceremony

- 7pm. Dinner

- Meditation & Journaling

SATURDAY, January 14th


- 8:30am. Body Poetry: Pranayama, Meditation, Creative & Spacious Vinyasa  (Backbends Focus)

- 11am. Brunch

- 12:30pm. Art Therapy Workshop

- Free time

- 5pm. "Pulsation": Impro Dance

- 6pm. Satsang: community gathering

- 7pm. Dinner

sunday, January 15th


- 8am. Body Poetry: Pranayama, Meditation, Creative & Spicy Vinyasa  (Inversions Focus)

- 10am. Breakfast

- 11am. Check out

- Optional Gathering: lunch in Lisbon or in Setubal / Costa da Caparica

accommodation & pricing



The suites are charming peaceful cocoons situated in the main house and have one queen size bed or two twin beds + an extra single bed (in one of the suites).

Suite #1: Shared 3 px: 410€/person

Suite #2: Shared 2px: 390€/person

Private (a whole suite for one): 590€




If you are looking for privacy and a real break, these independent eco-villas have their own entrance.


Shared 4 px: €400/person*


- 2 night stay in a magical wellness venue

with full use of the accommodation

- 3 authentic Yoga Classes

- 1 Self-Expression Dance Class

- 1 Art Therapy Workshop

- 2 Ceremonies

- Brunch, Dinner & Snacks

- Curated Gifts (from my heart to yours)

- Yoga Props: mats & blocks

- Art Tools


- Flights or any transportation to Lisbon

- Transfer/taxi to the venue (a whatsapp group will be created)

- Travel Insurance

- Free time activities: massages, surf class, bike rentals = many options to book on-site


Option 1:

Send an email via the contact page.

You will be invited to make the deposit of 50% of the amount to secure your spot and pay the remaining amount by December 31st 2023.

(Flash offer can not be applied)


Option 2:

Pay the total amount by selecting your choice of accommodation below.

If you'd like to book as a duo or a group,

please email me.


In both cases, please be aware that the deposit (50% of the total amount) is non-refundable.


My aim is to create a safe and intimate space.

I'm not your typical yoga teacher, or at least I don't believe that I am. It's not just about Yoga, it's a way of living that I guide through an extension of my practice, beliefs and experiences.

Connection and love are the values I implement in each of my retreats. It is about embodying your truth, living each experience with more intensity and consciousness. A dance between you and your heart while being held in sacredness.

To give you an idea, here are testimonials from beloved students and participants:

"The retreat with Luna was exactly what my heart needed . My energy was stuck and I did not manage to shift this on my own. Today, weeks after the retreat, I still reap the benefits of my healing time in Portugal  . Luna is a wonderful, understanding and compassionate soul full of light and bubbly energy. She created the right atmosphere for all of us to grow and blossom . I can only recommend this to everyone and will definitely give this as a present to myself again."

- Florence, Belgium

"I want to Thank you so much Luna and each of you girls .

It was my first trip alone but since the first moment we met I never felt like to be alone. We were a family. The retreat has been magic, like a warm hug  around  my heart ♥️ .

During the journey I found myself day by day and I want to wish to each of you to find your way to happiness, love and peace . I really hope we can meet again in the future for another retreat !! And I will wait you in Venice ! Thank you so much 💛💛"

- Martina, Italy

"I have first met Luna online, and had the chance to join the Spacious Self Retreat in Portugal. It will always have a special place in my heart, as she created a safe and magical space that was, in one way or another, transformative for each one of us.

Every time I join one of Luna's class or event, online or live, I learn so much and come back with new perspectives to explore. Don't expect her Yoga to be just about the asanas, it is so much more than that ! It's a guided dance through senses and emotions, infused with a lot of wisdom. 

She simply made me fall in love with Yoga, and for that I am forever grateful. Merci Mamma Luna, you and your wide, wide heart. "

- Bénédicte, France



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