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Lisbon, Portugal
January 13-15

expanding, expressing, rising

Unbinding is a form of non-attachment, which is a notion that is anchored, highly taught and fundamental in ancient wisdom. I associate it with expansion. Expansion allowing limitless expression, and thus, creation.

In a world in which we constantly have "to do" with so much restrictions, rules and self-limiting beliefs, I felt an eagerly desire to guide a creative approach to "taking a break"  and allow more boundlessness when it comes to self-expression, ironically marrying doing with being.

The intention of this retreat is to find freedom in self-expression. Unbound.

The idea came up as I have been going through a phase of transformation that required me to cultivate non-attachement, and thus, a higher form of expansion, unraveling new layers of 'me'.

Come tune off and into a slow but free frequency in a unique space between liquid movement, art therapy and heartfelt connections.

the land

Immersed in the evergreen landscape of Serra da Arrábida Natural Park (35 minutes away from Lisbon center), Villa Epicurea is a wellness heaven located by the ocean and blessed by magical sunsets.

We will even be able to experience their yoga shala bubble.

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