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Dear intuitives,

Thank you for being part of this cosmic community !

I'm writing to you as the moonbership got "upgraded", and guess what ?

There is nothing you have to do, you simply get more through this membership.

Designed to give you a deep understanding of the moon cycles, the female archetypes and sacred feminine practices, the Moonbership guides you to connect with your intuition and your truth to find out who you are, what you want and how to flow through life more easily and intuitively. Develop your own rituals, your own sacred routine around the moon phases and female archetypes to include in your personal journey.

Each week offers different rituals, writing / reflection work and spiritual practices. You will find all updates, videos, and astro forecast on here : & all e-books on Your Space:

This monthly membership is a support for you to establish a healthy & balanced routine as well as to become more aware of your feminine energy, your natural cycles and how to work with them.

The Moonbership is your journey into the magic of the Divine Feminine and clarity of cosmic powers. This monthly commitment will take you through stages of awakening.

If anything seems confusing, please let me know!

Hmmm, let's dive into a yummy & spicy feminine journey together...

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