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New Moon in Gemini Astro Card Reading


Please see the reading for the New Moon I did during the online Women's Circle. This time, I added an energy card to get more insights.

What are the skies telling us?

Gemini is here surrounded by the Sun and Saturn, both powerful cards.

Sol, the Sun, represents warmth, growth and strenght. It comes as a positive energy, bringing light and enthusiasm. If you have been experiencing some moments of breakdown, you don't need to worry anymore, the Sun will come shine its light and melt any problem you may be facing. Plus, let's note that the Sun will be shining during this new lunar cycle. Trust that your situation will be enlightened. Stay optimistic !

On the other hand, Saturn is here to help conquer fear. Saturn embraces the concepts of strength and ambition, but also limitations and structure. It comes here to let us know that through overcoming our fears, we then develop strength and find faith in ourselves.

The Energy to embrace: Envy

The Envy card was pulled reversed. In this reading, this energy comes here as a reminder that you will need to believe that light is always there to shine through. That being envious won't help you in anyway. If you started a work of gratitude for what you have or walked away from a toxic situation or even environment, then you are on the right path. You have to know that. You are stepping away from negativity. So keep focusing on the good things to create a natural flow on positivity in your life. You don't need to compare your life with someone else's. Focus on what brings good energy towards you.

The positive vibrations of Gemini, the Sun and Saturn are here to help you during the new lunar cycle. Embrace positivity, choose to shine !

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