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Image de Steven Kamenar

Through vinyasa yoga, embodied movement, breathwork and more, you will explore a sensory experience, allowing your body to speak, your emotions to arise and your soul to heal.


You are invited to immerse in nature, forest bathing, embodying the nurturing, sacred element of Earth through movement, asana, the breath, meditation and body science.


We will spend time in the shade of towering trees, slowly flowing to enjoy all sensations of the woods through every pore of our skin and every cell of our body. 


Replenishing our energies, immersing ourselves in nature, rooting down in order to rise up, honoring mother Gaia and reconnecting back to the womb.


This Earth Medicine Immersion involves a deep focus on the sensory experience of nature: sight, smell, touch. Through a blend of vinyasa yoga, (free-form) embodied movement, meditation, self-massage, this immersion invites you into a healing experience, letting yourself flow, embracing your arising emotions, becoming fully conscious of your body, mind, soul, feelings. An intimate dance of self-knowledge.


Join me on Saturday 1st of August in Amsterdam Bos at 10:00.

The details of the meeting point will be sent to you via email.

Investment: 15€

2 hours

Image de Ivana Cajina


Mmmm, water. Fluidity. In this immersion, I will guide you in a state of pure flow, pure fluidity, embodying Water itself.


Up to 80% of our bodies is water and it is present in all our tissues. Yet, we tend to constrisct, contract, cling. In Ayurveda, the water element is jala, it both nourishes and purifies our being, just as water does in all the rest of Nature.

We’ll explore the water element representing in our Sacral Chakra, the feminine life force energy. Through invoking the water element, we will embody shapes with curving, tilting, fluid and seamless transitions. Liquifying the body, letting the emotions flow throughout the entire body.

In being physiologically rhythmic like water, we embrace impermanence as one pose dissolves seamlessly into the next.

Through a yoga flow, embodied movement, breathwork, self-massage, meditation, we will honor all of what the water element holds: emotions, creativity, passion, pleasure. Like rolling tides of the ocean, the water element is strong, yet soft and fluid. Honoring our intuition.

Let’s meet by the sea.

Join me on Saturday 8th of August at Flevopark at 10:00.

If the weather is not so nice : location or date might change.

The details of the meeting point will be sent to you via email.

Investment: 15€

2 hours

Image de Jonathan Borba


The power of the rays of the sun ignites the passion and desire of your inner fire. Through this Sacred Fire Immersion, I invite you to make peace with the parts within you that crave to spark. Allowing the flames to burn bright like the strong, courageous, ambitious woman you are.

The sacredness of the fire element purifies, excites, transforms, rejuvenates, changes, desires, creates, communicates, activates the light within.

In the Chinese Medicine, the element of fire is associated with the heart, pericardium, small intestines and related to the tongue.

The Goddess aspect of fire is the Enchantress and Warrior.

Ignite your inner flame through yoga & movement, meditation and journaling.

Location and time: Saturday 15th at Flevopark at 9:30.

The details of the meeting point will be sent to you via email.

Investment: 15€

2 hours

Image de Daniele Levis Pelusi


The breath of life.


Location and time: Flevopark at 9:30

The details of the meeting point will be sent to you via email.

Investment: 15€

2 hours

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