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1,5 Hour Online Workshop

Honoring and understanding your cycle is a true act of self-care.


The moon time ~ or blood time ~ is a time to go within, to feel and see the messages the womb sends to you tuning in with the oceans, the moon and the life-force energy. Your menstrual cycle is an immersion for you to explore the immense power that’s within you. Your moon time is sacred. It is a time of retreat, of sanctuary, to rest and immerse within. We connect to nature, to sounds, to energy movements, and to shifts.


(Un)learn how to nourish your womb through rituals and know more about the connection between your menstrual cycle and the moon phases, but also the four archetypes phases women go through each month. When we connect to our sacred feminine energy, accept our authentic femininity and live our life in harmony with it, we achieve empowerment. We experience freedom, we embody our sensuality, sexuality and embrace all four archetypes.


This workshop introduces you to:


☽ your sacred cyclic female nature and the connection with the lunar phases

☽ get to know the four archetypes / seasons and their sexual, creative and spiritual energies, understanding your mood shifts

☽ how to interact positively with the energies of the menstrual cycle : tips on structuring your routine around your cycle

☽ nourishing and practical self care rituals for each phase of your cycle for more ease and flow in your life

Once you purchase this workshop, you receive a Cycle Calendar via email. Make sure you insert your email address when purchasing.

Investment: 12,00€

Video available for 72 hours once purchased.

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