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a program of 6 yoga classes to explore your own inner space


The Space Within is a yoga program of 6 classes designed to explore flexibility in a wise and intelligent way through spacious flows.


Instead of stretching passively, you will dive into your own muscles’ abilities, mobility but most importantly you will travel through your emotions. This program is about creating space for yourself on and off the mat.

Each class covers 90 minutes of slow and gentle movement. At the end of each session, you will receive a journaling prompt for self-reflection.

By lengthening the body, we expand in different ways. We create space for change, to evolve, to breathe more easily and to invite peace within. The program offers a specific order of sequences to journey inside, to discover each body part mindfully, to air it all out and find out what needs to be released & how.

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Embark on this 6-week journey for 50€

or feel free to purchase a single class for 10€


The Space Within Program starts on November 03, through Zoom.


Each class will be recorded and available for you to practice at your own time if you cannot make it during the live sessions.


Week 1. Traveling Within - Spine - 90 min

Tuesday 03 November at 19:30

In this class, we will explore the deliciousness of the spine, stir it, move it, feel it.

Week 2. Feel it all - Hips - 90 min

Tuesday 10 November at 19:30

This class goes deep into the hips and into the emotions. We will learn how to go through what is stuck in the body and to feel it all.

Week 3. Let it go - Hamstrings - 90 min

Tuesday 17 November at 19:30

The focus on the hamstrings is specific for you to surrender to what you are feeling, accepting these emotions and letting them fade away peacefully.

Week 4. Air it out - Core & Heart - 90 min

Tuesday 24 November at 19:30

In this sequence, we will air out the belly and heart through this breezy flow and breathwork.

Week 5. Open up - Heart, Neck & Shoulders - 90 min

Tuesday 01 December at 19:30

In this class, we will connect to love and compassion in order to open up. The practice will make your heart vibrate throughout your whole being, allowing healing from within.

Week 6. Beyond - Full Body - 90 min

Tuesday 08 December at 19:30

In this slow motion flexibility flow, we will sink into sensations and leave the entire body spacious, while creating space within and out - in your daily life.

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