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A virtual immersion

Samhain was first observed by Celtic Pagans. Samhain marked the Celtic New Year, the end of summer, and the end of the harvest season. It also signaled the beginning of winter, which they associated with death. On this day, the Celts believed the veil between the living and the dead was especially thin. This allowed spirits of the dead to visit the living.

Join a gathering of like-minded beings to celebrate Samhain a.k.a the opening to another realm through ancient rituals that include meditation, self-inquiry of a death & rebirth process of the self, free-form movement to unleash the wild yet magick woman within us, divinatory guidance, shadow work and sacred sisterhood.


This transition is celebrated as the beginning of the spiritual new year, also called the Witches' New Year.


Diving into Magick, we will gather together to honor the wise women & witches within us, as well as the autumn season. We will create a ritual to honor our role as women, sisters and community healers. The circle will be a safe and open for us to share if needed.​


A wonderful and holy time to practice leaping over the edge of Surrender into the dark juiciness of all Unknown.

Image by Benjamin Wedemeyer


The ceremony starts at 7pm, France/Netherlands/Germany time ~ 6pm UK/Portugal time ~ 2pm New York time ~ 11am Vancouver ~ 5am Monday in Sydney

Shedding - Opening Ritual: Wisdom of the Womb

a guided meditation into a sacred, autumn grove to reflect on the gifts and memories of a dearly departed loved one or letting go of the old versions of us

Unleash - Deep Embodied Feminine Movement

with a curated playlist to peel the old layers of ourself -- a playful and deep free-form movement mixing both dynamic & yin-ish / restorative practices to undulate, sway, shake, connect and finally surrender to our sacral and root chakras as well as Goddess Kali

Mend - Shadow Work Writing

the given writing prompt will focus on shadow work for self-awareness leading to a mental renewal

Yield - Sisters Circle

depending on the number of participants, break rooms may be organised for more privacy and intimacy if stories are shared

Invoke - Earth Wisdom Oracle Cards Reading

we will use oracle guidance to receive present messages through a 3-card spread

Cast a Spell - Closing Ritual

On Hallowmas, all the witches of Scotland gather together to celebrate, prophesy, and cast their spells.

The ceremony ends at/around 9:30pm, France time.

Spots are limited.

One spot: 30€

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