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Sunday 31 October


The address stays mysterious until you book a spot.

All I can say: a sacred space near the Tropen Museum.

Join us a gathering of like-minded women to celebrate Samhain a.k.a the opening to another realm around sacred tools through divine feminine talks (how to embody the wild & the crone + inner seasons), ecstatic dance, divinatory guidance (tarot card readings), sage stick mini-workshop, soul writing and a witchcrafted dinner.


This transition is celebrated as the beginning of the spiritual new year, also called the Witches' New Year.


Diving into Magick, we will gather together to honor the wise women & witches within us, as well as the autumn season. We will create a ritual to honor our role as women, sisters and community healers. The circle will be a safe and open for us to share if needed.

Awaken your inner witch.


- wicked dinner

- curated crystals (gift)

- sage stick materials for DIY workshop

- entire ceremony (talks & guidance)

One seat: 35€

- Limited -

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