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How to set up your own sacred space at home

A guide to create your nest of peace at home.

Here are the steps that will allow you to set up your very own safe space where you can go to whenever you need inner peace, calm, connect with the Moon or simply reconnect with yourself.


Find a calm space where you feel safe and secure in your home. If you are sensitive to energies, try to feel them as much as you can by walking around the house / apartment and close your eyes. Pick the space intuitively, knowing that no negative energy can go there and that you have the possibility not to be disturbed,

(for example, if you like to meditate early in the morning, then your sacred space could be in the living room where no one is when you wake up or if you like to meditate at night and journal, then find a corner in any bedroom where you know no one will go to in the evening).


In meditation, it is important to practice in clean clothes and sit on a clean cushion. It is sign of Purity. Plus, you don't want your mind to be disturbed by dirt, bad smell or dust. So make sure that your space is clean and tidy, decorated with rugs and cushions or pillows you like (not random ones; it is even worth buying new ones just for your own sacred space).

Now, when it comes to clean the space, I also mean cleansing the space from any negative energy. In order to do that, make sure to smudge sage once a week or twice a month. Burning sage is one the oldest and purest methods used by our ancestors to cleansing a space, a group of people or a yourself. It gets rid of unwanted spirits.

Note: I always like to smudge sage on myself before going into my sacred space, so I don't go there with any disturbing energy.


To be honest, any item used for ritual can be considered a magical tool as long as it means something special to you. The creative part of our brain works in symbols, so it makes sense to use symbols as a way to conduct Magic.

However, here are some sacred items you should have:

Candles They bring light to our lives. It's fire, powerful energy. They chase the darkness and allow new projects, thoughts, and relationships to emerge. Candles also represent the 3 levels in which we exist. The wax: our physical body, the wick: our mind, the flame: our soul or spirit.

When the flame of the candle is ignited, it starts to cleanse the negative energy from the area (just like the sage). You can use different colours of candles in regards to their interpretation (for example, white is purity, black is removal of negative energy, blue is peace, silver neutralizes negative energy or forces, pink is love and affection, etc...).

Incense or fragrances

Everyone has either a love or hate relationship with incense. It is often stress-relieving, which is what I love about it. Some people prefer to burn essential oils, and that is also allows a state of ultimate peace. If the smell of sandalwood or sage calms you, then use it.

I also love a bit of Palo Santo!

Use whatever you prefer and you are more comfortable with. There is no right or wrong.

In the rituals you will receive, I will suggest some aromas regarding a certain spell or meditation theme.

Crystals and gemstones

Crystals receive radio waves. The power of crystals is way bigger than you think. They are important tools in Magic, they have the power to direct energy to a specific intention.

Like in Reiki, they have healing powers, mentally, physically and spiritually.

During the New Moon and Full Moon, I will give advices on how to use and charge them. You can always ask me if you want to know about a specific crystal or gemstone.

If you don't have crystals and all this is new to you, I'd suggest you to go to a crystal shop and experience it yourself. We often say that the crystal choses you. You automatically get connected to that one crystal or several crystals in a shop. Even if you don't know their qualities, if one calls you, then it's probably that its healing powers are meant for you at the precise moment.

Additional Tools

- Flowers (dried or fresh) or Plants

- Cards (oracle, tarot...)

- Pendulum

- Fire-burning container

- Tibetan bowl

- Traditional Meditation Cushion

- Wood (could only be palo santo)

- Glass of water

- Your Journal & Pen

In order for your space to be Magic and powerful, make sure to have the 5 elements: Water, Fire (candles), Earth (flowers, plants or wood), Air (music, sound of a singing bowl), Ether (cards to connect with your higher powers and forces).


In terms of decor, you can decorate your sacred space however you want as long as it is very personal. It is your own little bubble in which you can go anytime of the day.

The atmosphere should remain calm, with no electronic devices (or as less as possible). You can put on some relaxing music while meditating or journaling.

Make sure to make this space YOURS, taking care of it with ALL your heart.

And you're done! You now have all the tools and tips to create your sacred space at home.

The Full Moon is coming, make sure to have your magic space ready!

Love & Sparkles, Luna

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