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Astrology card reading - Full Moon in Libra

Here is the reading I did during in the evening of the 7th of April during the Full Moon Women's Circle I was hosting online.

With Libra at the center, I pulled 2 cards to know what direction to take and what divine messages are we getting from the Super Pink Moon.

Here is what we got:

Two important planets, Mercury and Uranus.


The card of Mercurius is about communication, intellect and awareness. It means here that it is time to think and resonate on how to create and express the next steps, the process.

Astrologically , Mercury represents the mind and the intelligence. But this planet is also about innovation. So, it is time to get on a creative track from now on, specially in regards to the current situation, we all have to renovate, reinvent and adapt. Mercury is here to give you the instructions.


Uranus is the planet that rules invention and originality, bringing a fresh point of view. Here, we again go back to the innovation case. Its eccentric personality might lead to revolution, both personally and globally. And I feel that is what happening already - worldwide. As it appears in the card reading, we have to expect flashes of brilliance that will lead to meaningful changes.

These two planets together encourage us to speak truth to power. Find the words that inspire meaningful change in your world, but also to move forward without being scared of changes and with full awareness. Think of the next step, innovate and start fresh !

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