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From Monday, March 29 to Sunday, April 4.

What is this program about ?

Journey to Self-Love is an intensive immersion of one week in which we explore different stages of acceptance and truth.

It is for anyone dealing with insecurities, emotional breakdowns and patterns. I have been there myself.


After years of healing and deep dive into self-knowledge, this program guides you through the phases that helped me open my eyes so I could finally shift.


From the bottom of my heart, my wish is for you to realize that love is part of your physical and spiritual bodies.


What to expect:


4 live zoom sessions that include movement, sister circle and magic. 

(in the evening during the week and in the morning saturday + sunday)

An ebook of over 30 pages that contain:

2 audio meditations

2 podcasts as lectures

Guided journaling prompts

Curated Spotify playlist

Lots of tips to handle low days

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(This is just a sneak peak)

Monday. Dive in.

Keywords: introspection, body, loving kindness

2h live session: movement (yoga flow), mini creative workshop & sharing circle

Ebook: what does love truly mean.

Tuesday. Vulnerability.

Keywords: open up, safe, sharing

Podcast + audio meditation

Ebook: how to be vulnerable and why.

Wednesday. Acceptance.

Keywords: emotions, body wisdom

2h live session: movement, dancing intuitive yoga & safe space

Ebook: homework

Thursday. Your strengths.

Keywords: self-worth, recognition

Audio meditation

Ebook: here's why you deserve all the good things.

Friday. Forgive.

Keyword: freedom


Ebook: homework

Saturday. Return home.

Keywords: sacredness, honor, truth

2h live session: movement, dancing intuitive yoga & safe space

Ebook: honor your divine self

Sunday. Embody Love.

Keywords: love, love, love

2h live session: movement, sharing circle & mini creative workshop

Ebook: from fear to love

Investment: 88€ 77€

Yoga members: 70€*

*(members who have the ALL CLASSES card)

Spots are limited. Why?

The aim is to create a safe space for you to unravel layers of patterns and so you can find your truth. The cozier, the safer we feel. It can be intimidating to be in a big group, and with a small group, I'm able to guide you more personally as well.

What makes this immersion so special?

Here is a small piece of my story: I spent a pretty good amount of time hating myself. A lack of confidence, eating disorders, fear of being judged, an inability to forgive, dark phases… anyway, a well-mixed cocktail filled with flavours of the past, my childhood, teenage years and the anxiety I was bathed into. Not only I was hurting myself, but I was also unconsciously hurting others around me, people who loved and believed in me. 


Choosing the path to self-love requires a major shift, like a sudden click and you are the only one who can activate it. It is a choice that can change your life, without being cliché, that is true.


The Journey to Self-Love program is an immersion that I created regarding my story because I had no other choice but to LEARN to love myself, and to go through all these stages. Vulnerability, openness and truth are deeply explored within each and every material that this immersive program offers.


This is an authentic project from my heart to yours. Self-love is not something you can search outside or on the surface, it can only be found and embodied within.

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