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the new moon


Acceptance & Self-Love

saturday 22 february

&YOGA studio

Utrechtsedwarsstraat 31 H


to secure a spot, please book on:

or contact me:


Gathering in a safe space allows us to raise our vibration and find that state of peace, love, clarity, forgiveness and compassion. Together, we balance energy of the chakras, we empower each other and enter into spirituality.


In this circle, we allow ourselves to be fully and completely who we are. We free our mind, feel our body, connect with our soul. While we focus on the breath, on gratitude, on setting intentions, we get into a space beyond the mind. A space where we can let down our masks, our fears, our struggles and receive deep Love. We experience the truth of Oneness.


The New Moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, symbolizing new beginnings. Each lunar cycle, we are continually reincarnated.

We use the energy of a New Moon to renew ourselves so that we can start all over again. Our spirits are filled with strength, ideas and power.


Lucky us, this New Moon in Pisces is an opportunity to work on accepting, letting go and LOVE. Take time for yourself, allow your body and mind to fully relax, allow your heart to open and heal, allow your solar plexus chakra (your core) to open and sense your confidence.


Through deep guided meditation, mindful movements, chakra balancing, journaling, energy restoring and purification of the mind, let yourself dive into a healing process of Acceptance and Self-Love.

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