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One-month Private Yoga (8 classes)

One-month Private Yoga (8 classes)

How does it work?


Together we talk about the current state of your body & mind as well as what you'd like to explore physically and emotionally.


I then design 4 yoga sequences that are specifically tailored to your needs and wishes.


Note: I won't be here to just guide you into postures. What I love about private sessions is that I create a safe space in order for you to be your entire self emotionally and open more easily physically. I see these private classes as part of a healing process. A guidance through love and compassion.


Know that you are free to let me know if there are adjustments to do during the 4 weeks. Nothing should be forced or pushed.


You will receive an email from me with a personalised e-guide with details on what we will work on together.


With lots of love,


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