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This 3h workshop will make you journey through and within your self using therapeutical ways of moving, breathing and understanding the practice of Yoga.


A unique blend brought to you by 2 international teachers who have developed their own methods.

Brandon’s flow will guide you through mobility exercises that allow you to connect to your nervous system in an empowering,  yet nurturing way. 

Luna's body poetry will allow you to deepen the fluidity of movements, and ultimately, the fluidity of emotions. Through spinal waves and honey-like movement, we will use a graceful approach to create space (a.k.a flexibility) with ease.

Together we will explore movement patterns that guide you to undiscovered territory within.



Co-founder of Coordinated Movement Camp, California

"Brandon Bergado. The hockey player turned yogi. 


At 15 years old I left my home in San Jose, California to play hockey for teams all around the US and Canada. What I thought was going to be a long career was cut short in 2019. Two major concussions within three weeks of each other forced me to let go of everything I worked for and sit alone with my thoughts for months. It’s crazy because what I thought was my biggest nightmare, ended up being the most restorative transformation I could have ever imagined. Enter yoga and meditation. 


I first discovered yoga through the practice of meditation. I was so broken at the time that I promised myself I would do anything I could to build a happy home within myself. A place where I can always come back to and never feel lost in life. To me, that is what Yoga is all about. That's the work. How open can you be to accepting life's changes? Knowing that you have the power to alchemize the life you want; all starting from within. 


My roots in yoga started with meditation but as I got healthy, my practice evolved into asanas and inversions. I'm drawn to creative, yet challenging, movement patterns that allow you to transcend your mental and physical limitations. I believe this is where we combine the practices of meditation, mindful movement, and breath to bring the mind back to center, back to home."

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Founder of Body Poetry, International & Online

"Through my teachings, I guide a dance of the movement & the breath creating a deep connection between the intelligence of the body and the wisdom of the spirit -- a (re)discovery of authenticity. I facilitate embodied practices, meaning how to embody what is rising: the emotion, the element, the present, truth.

My background as a ballet dancer allows me to share the grace and ease of movement, while my life's experiences have offered me the tools to learn healing processes.​

I've created Body Poetry. A blend of practices I've experienced over the years. It allows us to discover new parts of ourselves, to unravel parts of the past, the vividness of the present and the possibilities of the future while deepening our relationship to ourselves, others, communities and the world.

Embodied Movement practices use movement, dance and the creative arts to discover or rediscover, remember and reawaken what it is to be fully human – physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually. They each have their own unique and beautiful structures for dropping into movement as a practice.

Body Poetry is blend of embodied yoga flows, somatic practices, conscious living & tantric philosophy."


Ticket: 35€

Location: Agora Yoga

Rua Rafael de Andrade 23, 2nd floor

1150-274 Lisboa

Spots are limited

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