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the full moon goddess online workshop

Saturday 06 June

18.00 - 21.00

via Zoom

Join us for an evening of transformation to awaken the Goddess within and connect to the energy of the Full Moon.

Experience reconnection with your inner feminine light through the practice of breathwork, dance, meditation, moon magic and most importantly sisterhood.


What to expect :


  • A deeper understanding of the Full Moon’s Magic and her feminine energy

  • Introduction of the Sacred Feminine, what it means and why awakening your divine feminine power is transforming

  • Breathwork + Guided Meditation

  • Short Kundalini Yoga Kriya to get our energy moving

  • Spiritual Sacred Dance  •✦☽☼☾✦•


  • Manifestation and Intentions work

  • Sisters Sharing Circle


“She remembered who she was and the game changed.”
― Lalah Delia

If you cannot attend but really want to, let me know so I can plan another workshop date !

Sydney : 2.00 am

London : 5.00 pm

New York: 2.00 pm

Beirut: 7.00 pm

Investment: 25€

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