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South Portugal


coração livre

A space that feels safe enough to experience every new pulse of the heart with peace.

'Coração livre' means free heart.

In a world in which we have to stay connected, I have felt an eagerly desire to guide a comprehensive approach to healing through the body - disconnected but present, more than ever.

The intention of this retreat is to re-define the notion of Care - which is often misused or misunderstood.

Come tune off and into a slow but free frequency in a unique hidden space between sweet movement, botanical skincare making, and heartfelt connections.


unique & luxurious hideaway

Experience a weekend escape in a unique isolated property in the middle of the Barragem de Santa Clara, in the region of Beja in Portugal. Breathtaking views of Alentejo surrounded by water. Lost between Odemira and Ourique, the Barragem de Santa Clara is where two rivers meet, Rio Torto and Rio Mira.

Since the construction of this house in 1969, not much has changed. A place that stayed in another time and space.

Peace, lush, beauty, purity...  what else is needed?


by agnesa

Through the ingredients that she uses and the food that she creates, Agnesa loves to tell stories. Without leaving the table, we’ll be going on magical journeys through history and folklore, the seasons, different regions, into our bodies and beyond.


Expect lots of treats, made with so much love! Check out her delicious creations on instagram: @agnesaruse


with luna

Through her teachings, Luna guides you into a deep connection between the intelligence of the body and the wisdom of the spirit, a (re)discovery of authenticity. She teaches embodied practices, meaning how to embody what is rising: the emotion, the element, the present, the truth.

The way she holds space is about allowing you to create space within the body and to find freedom.

Her background as a dancer allows her to share the grace and ease of movement, while her life's experiences have offered her the tools to learn and teach healing. It's ultimately a matter of balance . . . a return to the self.


the program

Check-in: between 3pm & 5pm

Check-out: 12pm

Would highly recommend to discover the region of Alentejo. It is spectacular. The landscapes on the atlantic coasts are breathtaking. If you rent a car, why not planning a trip from Lisbon to Lagos - & stopping at the retreat's place for the weekend in the meantime. Just examples... I'd be very happy to help you with your route & overall journey.


The detailed program will be sent to you via email once you sign up. For this particular retreat, I'd like things to be kept intimate and special. Note that you will be experiencing elemental immersions (earth, water, fire & air).

Here is what you can expect:

- Free movement, embodied yoga (fluid vinyasa + soft yin yoga)  & conscious practices (breathwork, meditation)

- Meditative walk & river dipping

- Botanical skincare workshops

- Circle of trust

- Hugs

- Unwinding time


signing up

When it comes to the pricing, I try my very best to be as fair & loving as possible while providing a dreamy and luxurious place in order for you to be as pampered as possible.


A deposit of 250€ is required to secure your spot.

Reservations must be made via email, please send it to:

The deposit is non-refundable. The rest of the amount must be paid in full before July 4, 2022. If you prefer to pay in installments, this is something we can arrange together.

As the aim is to create an intimate space for women, the maximum number of participants is 8.


☾ 3-night stay in an authentic house

with full use of the accommodation

☾ Yoga practices and workshops

☾ Brunch & Dinner

☾ Curated gifts


☾ Transportation to Portugal

and to the accommodation

☾ Travel Insurance

☾ Free time activities & excursions

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